Api Farm Anti Wrinkle Night Cream With Royal Jelly 50 ml

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Api Farm Anti Wrinkle Night Cream With Royal Jelly 50 ml

Organic Bee Milk Night Cream Intensive bee milk helps lighten your skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines.
Bee's milk is one of the most nutritious ingredients on Earth, and this content is the source of queen bees living 40 times longer than worker bees.
Organic bee-milk cream keeps the skin moist and reduces problems such as inflammation (skin burning, skin damage, skin redness, skin inflammation). It also contains collagen, lecithin, protein, mineral salts and vitamin AB complexes and CDE vitamins useful on the skin Revitalizes the skin, plumps the cells, increases elasticity and allows the damaged cells to renew
Organic Intensive Bee Milk Cream works on your skin at night to help your cells repair your cells 10 times faster Your younger skin is the mirror of brighter and more vibrant organic bee milk cream

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