Gutto Aloe Vera Ant Egg Oil Cream For Hair Reducing

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Gutto Aloe Vera Ant Egg Oil Cream For Hair Reducing

Thanks to the herbal active ingredients in the gutto exlusive formula, It is a product that helps to thicken, thicken hair and make hair more thinner and faster with ex-strong formula
It is suitable for use after epilation or depilation. With active ingredients such as salicylic acid, sodium lactate, it also helps to prevent sunken formations, especially on laces.
Gutto Allantoin contained in the Feather Reducing cream is also used in the treatment of skin diseases such as sensitive skin and skin rashes, skin ulcers, scarring, scars, burns, sunburns, carcasses, acne, skin eruptions, fissures, deep sores, impetigo, eczema, psoriasis and psoriasis It keeps your skin fresh and soft.
Aloe Vera for beautiful skin care Products containing a cream-reducing Aloe Vera contain healing agents that are useful for high-density skin. It also improves the dark spots and pigmentation in Aloe Vera tend.
Gutto depilatory cream Cause of being one of the reasons for choosing extra hair Do not stop by reducing your hair at the same time to care for your skin and your skin.
Step 1: Unwanted hair is removed from the root by an epilation method that is preferred by the person; The area is thoroughly washed with warm water and cleaned and waited for about half an hour. If applied in a net wax, it is recommended to wash it with warm water at least 2 hours later.
Step 2: Cream is applied by massaging the cleansed region.
Step 3: Cream is applied twice a day, morning and evening until the length of the fur is reached.
Pregnant and lactating women are recommended to be used under the supervision of a doctor.
It must have been taken from the root of the feathers before application; The area cleaned from its fur should be thoroughly washed and cleaned.
Since cell division is faster at night, the application should be done every night.
After application, the area should not be washed for a while.
Once the cream has been used, the cap must be kept closed.
It should be kept in room temperature and protected from sunlight.

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