Hydroviton.CR Skin-Perfecting Cleanser (80mL)

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Hydroviton.CR Skin-Perfecting Cleanser (80mL)

Hydroviton.CR is indicated to be used on skin that looks and feels: 1) gray, dry, flaky, itchy; 2) oily shortly after washing; 3) marked by the lesions and redness of acne; 4) pitted by large pores; or 5) unusually sensitive, or any combination of these issues.

Perfected by Hydroviton.CR — a highly effective cleanser available without prescription — your complexion takes on dramatic new radiance and color, smooth texture and suppleness, and a calm demeanor.

Hydroviton.CR represents a cutting-edge formula, while common cleansers often strip natural oils, dry the skin, and incite follicles to produce even more sebum.

Among its many innovations, the product delivers compounds of unparalleled purity via second-generation nanosome encapsulation. Through this proprietary technology, microspheres of organic liposome, each 200 times smaller than a human skin cell, deposit their active ingredients deep below the surface of the skin, where they dissolve gradually for maximum performance.

Experience Hydroviton.CR and always put your best face forward


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