Mazin Natural Keratin Herbal Serum For Hair Care and Lost Hair 5 ml

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Mazin Natural Keratin Herbal Serum For Hair Care and Lost Hair 5 ml

Herbal Serum Against Hair Loss
Every active ingredient in the serum content against Mazin Hair Loss is very important for your hair and hair.
PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica (Stem cell)
With PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica, the world's first stem cell active agent, it protects skin stem cells and prolongs the life cycle of hair follicles. In addition, micro-sized plants and vitamins contained in the hair follicles reach the stimulation of the follicles. Because the hair follicle is fed with capillary blood vessels in the base, it stimulates the microcirculation and helps the blood flow to the hair follicles and therefore the active substances required for hair growth to reach the hair follicle.
Aluminum Satıvum (Garlic Extra)
We can say that it strengthens the hair structure as a rich calcium source, increases the production of collagen with C vitamins and protects against breakage, helps the hair grow faster and healthier with copper mineral, and maintains iron mineral and hair health.
Biotin (B-7 Vitamin)
It plays an active role in cell renewal and development. It is especially important for hair and nails. It prevents hair from falling out and whitening. It helps prevent nails from getting a healthier appearance and breaking hair by contributing more quickly to the hair.
Biotin is among the B complex vitamins that have been subject to many researches, especially with the effect on hair loss in men. The vitamin that enhances elasticity in the hair cortex contributes to the rapid extension of the hair. The first signs of deficiency are hair dermatitis, pruritus, and dermatitis.
The chemicals applied to your hair such as paint, opener, moisture, air pollution and hair straighteners and tongs that you use to shape your hair can damage the keratin in the hair and lead your hair to a lifeless and pale appearance.
Since keratin is a substance found in the main structure of the hair, your worn hair will be the best care keratin that can be applied. Because of the reduced amount of keratin in treated, damaged hair, keratin loading is necessary to fill the gaps and to obtain a fuller appearance. Those who want to have a lighter, healthier and more flattened sauce can do keratin care.
If your hair starts to lose its main structure in case of excessive wear and drying, For example keratin care will be appropriate if you have lost your curly hair wave. Keratin care will help repair your worn hair as it fills up the examined parts of your hair.
Provitamin B5
B5 vitamins are the vitamins that are necessary for the enzymes used in hair formation to be effective. The most important effect is to accelerate the growth period of the hair, helping the hair-lines to be firm.
B5 vitamins with this feature is recommended for use in most hair care is a vitamins. Hair, beard, mustache, eyelash, eyebrow hair such as hair is quite useful for a vitamins. In the hair, it is a very effective vitamins in the repair of dry worn hair.
If the keratinine, cysteine ​​and cystine aminoacids that make up the structure of the hair are thought to be synthesized in the body, Pro vitamin B5 should be taken from the outside for healthy growth and development of the hair.
Niacin (B-3 Vitamin)
Helps to feed hair follicles by increasing blood circulation in hair. While Niasin promotes hair growth, it causes cholesterol accumulation in the scalp, which is among the causes of hair loss. Shrimp, fish, skimmed red meat, milk, legumes, almonds, carrots
Mazin with such a strong content Hair serum developed against hair loss It will be your solution partner in your hair problems
For effective outcome, use at least once a week with mazin keratin shampoo for 3 months regularly.

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