Mazin Natural Keratin Scalp Care Shampoo 400 ml

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Mazin Natural Keratin Scalp Care Shampoo 400 ml

Mazin Hair Care Shampoo
Keratin, Cade oil, D-Penthanol-Bio sulfur-Juniper tar shampoo
Mazin Hair shampoo shampoo is a shampoo that you can find a solution for body acne in your skin acne due to hair dermatologic problems, dandruff, hair mansion, hair dermatitis, hair loss disorders, worn damaged hair and separative content.
You will find Mazin hair shampoo shampoo not only in your hair but also in the pimples and acne areas of your body. It is a very effective hair shampoo and scalp care shampoo which you can find solutions to your problems with bee tar and D-Penthanol.
Mazin Hair care shampoo, which has anti-microbial properties in hair-shattering conditions, is very effective in hair-shattering conditions and will help you to provide solutions for your hair and skin skin treatments.
Mazin Hair care shampoo, a product with many valuable active ingredients such as Keratin, Salicylic acid, Juniper Tar, D-Penthenol, Bisosulfur, recommended by doctors and skin specialists, helps to care for your hair and scalp after hair transplantation.
Mazin Hair care shampoo has exstrakts necessary for your hair.
Keratin: Strengthens the structure and elasticity of the hair, helps to gain moisture.
Salicylic acid: Known for its keratolytic effect Anti Sebum and Anti Dandruf.
Cade Oil: It is known to stabilize sebum secretion and prevent bacterial spread.
D-Penthenol: Deep wound healing, Moisturizing, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-irritation. It provides quicker healing after wrinkles. Provides vitality and shine in our hair and skin, and enhances the water retention capacity of your hair and skin.
Biosulfur: Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-sebum effects with a 3-acting effect of sebum modatördür.Biraklı hair and fatty skin is effective. It is a very effective product in the acne between the hair and in the acne and acne in the skin.
If you are not satisfied with our product, there is a money-back guarantee if you do not get the results you want on your head, hair-conditioner and skin irritations on skin acne.

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