Tala Snake Oil 20 ml

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Tala Snake Oil 20 ml

             ... Stop hair loss!
              ... Restores already fallen hair!
              ... End of baldness!
              ... Healthy hair and healthy scalp!
              ... For men and women!

What is SNAKE OIL?

The miracle SNAKE OIL - snake oil - stimulates growth.
                                           Strengthens hair and scalp.
                                           Stops hair loss.
                                           Prevents baldness.

Natural product for men and women willing to resolve the problem with hair loss permanently and enjoy the growth of their new hair. The product is applied at least 3 days a week, without interruption, for a month. Desired locations are massaged with the oil, with fingers for 5-10 min. Wash hair with shampoo after 3 hours.
One usually does not lose hair quickly. This happens in years. For this reason you need a genuine assessment of time you need before the hair grows again. Hair loss usually stops during the first three days of using the product.The success depends on many factors: on your discipline and rigor in using the product, on your individual Biosystem, and on to what extent the follicle has atrophied. During the procedure,before washing hair, is recommended to put a warm hat that opens pores and softens the sebum, accelerate the penetration of substances into the follicle. One to three months after using the product usually appears down on the head, it means that the follicle is alive and begins to produce hair.

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